Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mushroom Can't Turn

For the most part, Mushroom has been a rockstar in her reactive dog 2 class. She's jumped through hoops, stepped on platforms, pranced through horizontal ladders, and, most importantly, watched the other dogs in the class calmly. But you know how sometimes a student who generally gets good grades will completely fail their test in Health class because it has badly designed multiple-choice questions? Just giving a generic example... But yeah, Mushroom can't turn.

*womp womp*
In last week's class, we practiced shaping our dogs to walk around a chair. Mushroom gave up and sat in the chair instead. This week, we worked on getting them to spin in circles. Mushroom would spin halfway and then go back the way she came. I ended up having to hold the treat next to her butt to lure her, and even then, she'd sometimes just look at the treat as if she was deciding whether it was really worth it to do something as difficult as turn.

We have the next two weeks off, so her class resumes January 8th. In the meantime, we will be trying to teach her to turn. We've also given her the nickname Moolander.

Blue steel
Does your dog have that one thing they just can't do?


  1. What a random thing! Miss M has this issue where she can only rollover one way. Even if she is situated one way, she has to resposition to roll that one way.

  2. Athena can only 'spin' in one direction. She just won't do it the other way! So glad to hear that Mushroom is doing so well in her reactive dog class!

  3. How funny! Cabana's "can't do" thing is roll over. She will not do it no matter what. If she's laying down and I "manually" try to get her to roll over, she'll get up and leave the room. It's frustrating!