Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First, the bad news

...We were fired by our dog sitter. Well, nothing quite that dramatic, but we learned that Badger has in fact not been enjoying his staycations, and our dog sitter thinks that it would be best if we found another option for him during our Christmas trip. She did say that she would honor her previous commitment and be our backup if we couldn't find anything on such short notice, but thus continues our search for what to do with Badger when we travel.

Badger didn't do well when he was boarded at the vet's last Christmas, which was what prompted us to have a dog sitter come over in the first place. Because of this history, L is hesitant about any option that would require Badger to live away from home. It looks like the best-case scenario might be to find a live-in dog sitter. 

We're also exploring the possibility that Badger doesn't miss us so much as he doesn't want to be crated for so long while we're gone. Our dog sitter wondered if he would be less stressed if he was given the run of the apartment. So as part of our backup plan, we've been leaving Badger uncrated at night and using a baby gate to keep him out of our bedroom. 

A very toothy baby

We don't really have any good news yet. I guess the closest would be that so far we've left Badger out three nights in a row, and he hasn't chewed anything up.

Has anyone tried for dog sitting services? Any other suggestions?


  1. Call local vets - usually they'll have a recommendation or two. Also, often people who work at animal places (vets, petstores, groomers) will do petsitting on their own time. Hope this helps! What went wrong with the dog sitter?

  2. We've been having a bit of a problem with Mr. B too. He gets really anxious when we're gone, but we were lucky enough to have his favorite dogwalker come over to walk them and just a friend spend the night. We also used to do things where we would split up the pups and M would go to a friend's house and B would go to boarding at a daycare with "doors" instead of crates. It does get expensive, so we have been downsizing on our traveling. Good luck!

  3. Oh no! I hope you find a workable solution soon!

  4. I would say that the 3 nights of no chewing is a great accomplishment! I hope you get everything worked out for your holiday travels!

  5. I agree with Athena, not chewing for 4 nights is awesome!
    The only place our dogs have stayed is my parents' house, they're used to visiting and are pretty comfortable there.
    Hope you can find a different dog sitter!

  6. Our dog sitter (aka my dad) fired us after one day not even a night he watched Hank for a day. However, Hank at the time was maybe 5 months old and is always on the go, something my dad is not use to with his 9 year old lab. We now trade favors with one of my good friends who also has a dog, it nice the two dogs play really well together and it's nice that he has company for the whole day. Hope you can figure something out before your vacation.