Friday, December 7, 2012

The Graduate

Who has no thumbs and graduated last night?


Okay, so we didn't have a real graduation ceremony, hat, or certificate. And since it was a level 2 class, he went in already knowing basic commands. And Badger is still as Badger-y as ever (he jumped the baby gate to say hi to me this morning). But we're very proud that he's accomplished the following:

  • Jumped through a hula hoop
  • Touched an object with his nose
  • Touched an object with his paw
  • Laid down calmly on his mat
  • Stayed quiet while other dogs barked
  • Walked past people and dogs on a (mostly) loose leash
  • Looked at us instead of the treat
  • Greeted a new person without jumping
  • Ignored the cheeseburger (eventually)
  • Concentrated for the length of an entire 50-minute class period

Badger will have his "winter break" for a month, and then when Mushroom's current class finishes, we plan on enrolling them in a Control Unleashed class together. Let's hope he does his homework!

What "homework" are you doing with your dog this winter?


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with all that Badger accomplished during his class!! I mean, he ignored a cheeseburger! What a rockstar!

    Athena just graduated from her level 2 obedience class last weekend, so we are also taking off "winter break" and will resume in January with..........FLYBALL!

    I've heard great things about Control Unleashed. We really want to take the class with Athena, it just hasn't fit into our schedule. But hopefully someday we can take it.

    As far as winter break homework, we plan to continue training all of Athena's commands like usual. I think we will reinforce on of her newest commands, "bed," to use when lots of guests come over for the holidays.

  2. Yeah! He dose look so pleased in that photo. With the colder weather I'm less reluctant to do the training with our pups, though over break I'm hoping to do a top-secret training project with Miss M (I only want to reveal if it works out!).

  3. That's awesome! Some of those things sound really hard. I've been trying to talk myself into morning walks to practice some obedience because our afternoons are for hiking, but all 3 of us are pretty lazy when it comes to mornings:/

  4. congratulations!! homework, ah. now that grad school is over for one month (!) i am hoping to work on getting lenny to be calm around our cat and we may be starting the cgc prep test next week...

  5. Congratulations to you and Badger!! That's a huge accomplishment! :)