Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Rat(atouille)

R: We made this ratatouille. It was ugly but tasty.
L: I would argue that its appearance doesn't matter... what matters is that it was ridiculously tasty :O (which is what matters with humans, too...)
R: It looked much better on Smitten Kitchen. We actually doubled the amount of tomato sauce and onions in the hopes of doubling the entire recipe, but after we started piling on the sliced veggies, we realized that our casserole dish was nowhere near big enough.
L: So in effect, our ratatouille was approximately one-and-a-half times as awesome as your average ratatouille!
R: Could use a few more rats though.
L: True. When we served it, we put on a dollop of soft goat cheese which mixed with the flavor of the sauce and veggies exceptionally well. Incidentally, our servings looked identical to those of the professionally-crafted ratatouille featured on Smitten Kitchen, minus the fact that we served it in bowls without any of that fancy bullsnaps (I wasn't sure how to spell couscous so I had to improvise with the closest possible description T.T)
R: For the record, I was able to spell couscous. =) We also ate this with chicken sausage of the pre-cooked and packaged variety. I have no idea how to even begin making chicken sausage from scratch. I assume you'd need a chicken.
L: I imagine we could buy one (pre-murdered, preferably), but I don't know if it'd be worth the hassle given how good those pre-cooked jalapeƱo chicken sausages were. (I'm mega hungry now, and I was thinking of the Caucasus Mountains when pondering how to spell "couscous" by the way. Ridiculous word, I say :O)
R: So I thought about how to make chicken sausage from scratch while you were typing. Take chicken. Stick in blender and blend until mushy. Smash the mush together into sausage shape. Cook.
L: What about the intestinal packaging, to keep it together? Also, if this method works, I can already imagine trying this theory out on other tasty foods: pizza sausage, sandwich sausage, perhaps even shrimp sausage!
R: You forgot sausage sausage and Badger sausage.
L: Although any self-respecting pizza would already have sausage on it, and last time I checked, Badger's still a shrimp :P