Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Look what we got in the mail!

The game, not the dog
The best thing about weekend online shopping sprees is that it's like Christmas in your mailbox for the next week. This was the first to arrive, and the only non-dog-related item. I just finished playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for 3DS.

Quick review: Combat is different from most Mario games because you don't defeat enemies simply by jumping on their heads. Instead, meeting an enemy means you go into a separate battle screen where you and the enemy take turns attacking. You can dodge enemy attacks or power up your own attacks. I thought this game was a lot of fun and lower stress than your typical platformer. I hate dying because I missed a jump and fell into lava, and this game didn't have that at all. If you miss a jump and fall into lava, it just starts you from where you were before you fell. I usually play games on the PC, and one thing I liked about gaming on the 3DS, aside from being able to play in bed, was that games are very polished, with no bugs or crashing. This game would probably be a bit easy for skilled hardcore gamers, but it's got that Mario nostalgia factor. For kids or people like me who don't like difficult games, this was perfect.

Whew, maybe not as quick as I thought. Anyway, the next game I play on 3DS is going to be Bravely Default. I hope to keep this blog updated with the rest of the items we bought as they get shipped to us.

Have you bought anything cool lately?

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