Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Catching up - town dog event (from last year)

I have a whole year's worth of pictures of Badgershrooms on Facebook that I'm going to start slowly posting to this blog. Here we are at our town's "dog rally" in June of last year. (Are these showing up for you?)

Here's what I remember: We spent most of our time hiding around the side of the DJ booth and clicking/treating when they saw another dog. Some kids came over and petted Mushroom (Badger was too excited). And the DJ asked what breed they were. We gave our typical answer of "they're rescued mutts - they could be anything". (He thought they were some specific breed because they look similar to each other). Overall, we left thinking it was a good training experience.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Those are seat belt harnesses, and while Mushroom is very good about wearing hers, Badger always wriggles out of his while in the car.

  2. Welcome back! I missed their adorable faces.

    1. Thanks! I have a lot of pictures to post from the past year.