Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The yo-yo of life

I haven't posted for over a year. For a time, I even completely forgot this blog existed. Things in my life tend to be cyclical. Sometimes I'll spend all my free time playing one video game, only to put it down a month later, forget about it for a year, and then come back to it with all the zeal of the first time around.

This is also why I can't get on a regular exercise schedule. During the first month, I will be very devoted to exercising, but by the 2nd month, I'm making excuses and having to drag myself off the couch. Of course, I'll still be eating like I'm burning the extra calories. Maybe I should explain to my doctor that trying to exercise actually makes me less healthy in the long run.

Meanwhile, life with the dogs has become, well, normal. We've trained them into a decent level of calmness at home, and they've trained us into a decent level of feeding them and avoiding other dogs on walks. Could they be a little better behaved? Yeah. Are they basically good dogs? Yeah. Are we super lazy? Definitely.

I've found that when I don't have the internal motivation to make a change, the best way is to find an external motivator. In terms of exercise, the external motivator was joining a running group at my office and signing up for a 5k, which will be this Thursday. (My goal is simply to survive.)

In terms of dogs, we signed up for a Control Unleashed class, which started two Saturdays ago. Now that I finally have something to say about the Badgershrooms again, the blog is back!


  1. Gad to see you're back! I don't blog much these days even though I want to, time is lacking. I do, however, still like to read and comment! I've really gotten into Instagram recently which has been a lot fun and fulfilling my dog sharing needs:)

  2. Thanks for the welcome! I've mostly just been sharing dog pictures with my friends and family on Facebook. I'll try to post them here too.