Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Those Gross Days

It's gross outside. Drizzly, gray, cold. Badger doesn't seem to mind, but the rest of us do. Mushroom whines when we make her step on the grass to do her business, as if to say, "I spent a year as a stray; you can't make me go back to that."

I suppose we could slap some raincoats on the dogs, tell Mushroom to suck it up, and go on the same long evening walks we went on during the summer. (For really cute dogs-in-raincoats pictures, check out Love & a Six-Foot Leash's Facebook page.) But, well, we kinda don't wanna. *pout*

I don't wanna!

Sometimes we play fetch with them or just let them wrestle with one another. We do have short training sessions with the dogs and use food toys to keep them mentally stimulated, but they do a lot of zoomies indoors because of excess energy.

That's Badger's calm face

What do you do for exercise on gross rainy days?


  1. Good for me- Max and Macy love rainy days, however, they hate thunder and lightning. I trick train them when thunder and lightning strike, or romp with them in the family room. Unfortunately I have taught max so many tricks when I try to teach him a new one, he just does a line of the tricks he already knows!

  2. Badger has a great smile! We have yet to enter our (very very long) rainy season, so I'm nervous to see how this will affect our daily exercise routine. In Chicago, I would just suck it up when it got super cold and layer on some warm clothes for both me and Rufus, but he really doesn't enjoy the pouring rain. The pacific northwest is about to shake up our routine!

  3. I love badger's face! We haven't had any rain yet either this year...not looking forward to it!

    This happened to us last winter...Rainy Day Activites

  4. Awww....they are so cute! We like to make monster frozen kongs to keep our pups occupied during rainy days!

    1. Great idea! We should keep some on hand for... a rainy day. *cough*