Monday, October 29, 2012

Pibbles, Pibbles, Pibbles!

L and I attended the eastern Massachusetts portion of the Coast to Coast Bully Walk on Saturday. The weather was warmer than expected, which is awesome for fall in New England. The turnout was pretty big - it was easily the largest gathering of dogs we've ever attended. In addition to pit bull-type dogs of every shape, size, and color, we also saw a boxer, a pug, a shepherd, and a tiny toy breed dog dressed as a pumpkin.

Since Badger is a stress pooper (anyone else have a dog like this?) we spent much of the walk cleaning up after him. But right before we left, I had the chance to walk around and snap some pictures of other attendees:

What do you call a group of pitties? A cluster? A snuggle?

Loved the ears on this pretty orange pittie!

And the underbite on this one

The last-second look away

And here's the pug I mentioned earlier!

We also saw several adoptable dogs, two of which I managed to photograph. Stay tuned tomorrow for the follow-up post with adorable adoptable pitties!

Did you attend any bully-themed events this past weekend?


  1. We attended the Coast to Coast Bully Walk in Portland and it was a huge success! I think they said that they counted about 100 people were in attendance!

    I have never heard of a stress pooping dog. Wow! Athena pooped one time while walking with the group on Saturday, but I don't know if it was caused by stress or because it was around one of her usual "need-to-go" times!

  2. Looks like you had fun! We went to the Oakland Bully Walk and we saw a lot of cuties also, but none as cute at that one with the huge dish ears, I'm such a sucker for ears like that!

  3. Looked like fun! Poor Badger and poor you. That's lots of excitement for some pups. Trinity needs time to calm down but doesn't poop. Stay safe in the storm. Hopefully he's not pooping all over the house.

  4. A "snuggle" of pibbles sounds perfect!
    Sorry about the super pooper, Duke gets like that on occasion.