Friday, October 26, 2012

Office Dogs

It seems that the east coast and the west coast have very different views of what a good work environment is. Here on the east coast, I wear "business casual" attire to work every day. Nice shirt, black slacks. On Fridays, we're allowed to wear jeans but not t-shirts. My friends on the west coast wear cargo shorts and sandals to work every day. (Or at least they're allowed to. They probably have better fashion sense than that.)

Another east coast/west coast difference is the phenomenon of office dogs. Many companies on the west coast either allow employees to bring their (well-socialized) dogs to work or have a designated office dog. My suggestion for my workplace to participate in "Bring Your Dog to Work Day" this year was met with an awkward laugh followed by a rejection.

This is why I love working from home. Not only am I barefoot and wearing shorts, but I get to see this little face:

"Did you get my meeting request for dinner and walkies?"

Is your workplace "dog-friendly"? What do you think of the office dog phenomenon?


  1. Boooo East Coast! I am a west-coaster but I work from home too so it's safe to say the dress code is extremely casual!

  2. That seems like how ive seen things to. Im always jelous to hear people can bring there dogs to work with them. Triniy would be so wel behaved if we were able to do that & it wouldhave been a faster training to. But in my line of work im unable to bring my dog to work. although i can wear jeans & nice sweats to work :)

  3. I've mentioned having a "Bring Your Dog to Work Day" and had the same response. :( Even for casual Friday, even if we did it to raise money for charity. Rats. Wish I could work from home!

  4. I work from home, but I do know of many companies in our area (west coast) that allow you to bring your dog. One company in our town even has a doggy daycare area behind the office building, complete with doggy play structures and wading pool. That's what I call a job perk!

  5. Technically my company doesn't allow dogs, but since each office has only 1-3 person in it, the boss for each office really gets to decide if dogs are allowed or not. Luckily, my boss loves Polly so he lets me bring her with me as much as I want (which is almost every day)!

    Working from home is nice too...usually the boss is pretty cool and your dogs are ALWAYS allowed at the office! ;)