Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Recap: Why We Can't Have Nice Things

On Saturday, Badger somehow managed to split an antler in half and eat all the marrow.

This is not the end of antlers, but apparently he will need a little more supervision than we originally thought. So we're back down to two things we can leave him alone with: frozen Kongs and Chew Gourmet bones. Everything else either won't hold his interest or gets destroyed.

On Sunday, we attended our monthly dog play group. Badger found a blue stuffy and became overly protective of it. We eventually had it hide it from him. Mushroom tried to play with dogs more than twice her size and didn't seem to notice and/or mind getting bowled over. Then she pooped on the floor (she had refused to poop before play group). At least they came home happy, though they continued to play for about an hour at home before getting tired enough to nap.

"My name is Badger, and I'm a stuffy-aholic"

"I love pooping indoors!"

Has your dog done anything to embarrass you recently?


  1. I love the mischievious-face photos! As for the antlers...I think their favorite part is the middle...my dogs will only chew the ones that are pre-split!

  2. Oh no! He's mastered the ultimate chew toy! Oddly enough, Rufus destroyed a moose antler way quicker than he's ever destroyed deer antlers - weird, right?

    P.S. that last photo/caption made me laugh hysterically. Love her!

  3. Tess insists on pooping in Petco every time we go! She will not go outside but then as soon as we step inside she must go right then, it is pretty embarassing.

  4. Badger's fluffy ears are too cute! The caption under Mushroom cracked me up. Maggie used to mark all over Petco, she's worse than any boy dog. She's been good the last few times, if you don't count marking the outside corner right before the doors. I think she pooped there twice too. I know where all of their waste bins and paper towel holders are!