Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thank You, Our Waldo Bungie!

A (loooong) while back, Our Waldo Bungie did a giveaway of Chew Gourmet Dog Bones, and we were one of the lucky winners! We stuck the bones in our freezer and waited for a special occasion, which never arose.

What are the ice cubes doing out? Check our series on keeping cool!

So during our Stargate Universe marathon over the weekend (I guess that's sort of a special occasion), we gave Badger and Mushroom each one bone. Between the two of them, Badger and Mushroom rated the bones 8 paws up!

This is the life

The dogs finished the meaty portions of their bones (medium-sized) in maybe an hour and a half. The rest of the day was spent working on hollowing them out. My favorite things about these bones were:

  • They didn't stain our carpet. This may be because Badger mostly had the bone on his pillow or because we have brown-ish, fur-covered carpet. However, we once bought a smoked pig's foot, and that definitely stained the carpet.
  • Badger and Mushroom are both still interested in the bones, even after there's no meat on them.
  • Badger, who has a delicate digestive system, didn't have any adverse reaction to the bone. This is actually one of our main concerns whenever we introduce anything new to his diet, so the bone passed with flying colors!
  • Once hollowed out, they can be filled with other things to keep them interesting. So far, we've tried peanut butter, which Badger and Mushroom both love.

Yep, this is the life

We still have two bones left (the medium size comes in packages of 4), and we plan on getting more after they're gone! Thanks, Our Waldo Bungie and Chew Gourmet!


  1. When it was just Tess I didn't realize how much fur was all over the house since she is the same color as our carpet, but once we got Schultz it started to appear in epic proportions. Too bad we don't have black and white carpet now :)

    1. Our vacuum cleaner saw the fur and gave up. We've been too lazy/cheap to buy a new one so far, but we need to soon because Badger sometimes eats hairballs. =/

  2. So glad Badger and Mushroom liked the bones - we too fill them with other things once they are hollowed out! The pooches fave is a peanut butter and mashed up banana combo! :)

  3. We pretty much stick to knuckle bones since they don't stink or upset their stomachs, but they do leave those bits and pieces everywhere!

    1. Are these just knuckle bones from the grocery store? Badger is pretty good at hoovering up bits and pieces. He spends a good portion of the day snuffling around in the carpet.