Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Mushroom!

The cake - peanut butter and kibble, topped with pumpkin "frosting" and a bacon treat candle

It hasn't been an easy year for you, going from the streets and a teen pregnancy to a high-kill shelter. But the kind folks at ARNNE took you in, and things have been looking up ever since. We've only been in your life for two weeks, but we can promise you that you'll always have a loving home (with an annoying brother, sorry about that one). You'll always be fed, you'll have plenty of toys, and you'll get lots of cuddles. So here's to making it through your first year, and here's to all the wonderful years to come. Happy birthday, Mushroom!

Mushroom is eating so fast she can hardly be captured on camera

Cleaning up

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  1. Happy Birthday Mushroom!!! Glad you came out on top through the rough year!!! Motley my pitull says hi and that he wants some cake!!! haha

    Follow him at if you get a chance