Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Badger!

Last June, we adopted a 15-lb "Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie mix" puppy. Awww...

Some time in the past 8 months, the cute little puppy pictured above grew into the monstrosity pictured below.

This morning, we found a 45-lb demonic seal waiting for its breakfast. AHHH!

During this time, he has destroyed the following:
  • One dog bed
  • One Cowboys pillow (it's okay, I never did like the Cowboys)
  • One froggy glove (Llamaentity may never forgive this transgression)
  • Four stuffies
  • One rubber chicken
  • Two "indestructible" rubber toys
  • One Gentle Leader headcollar
  • One squeaky Kong donut
  • Two toys belonging to a friend's dog (one of which was brand new)
  • Some skin on my hand and a fingernail, from pulling on his leash
  • Our ability to lead normal social lives

Here are the things he has brought into our lives:
  • Ticks
  • Tapeworms (both have since been taken care of)
  • Daily exercise
  • New places to explore, such as a hiking trail, a pond, and a rail trail
  • Dog-friendly events, such as UMass Lowell's Pucks & Paws night
  • A reason to wake up on weekends
  • The pitbull blogging community (and indirectly, Mushroom)
  • A slobbery tongue
  • Hilarious facial expressions
  • A warm, fuzzy footrest for cold winter nights
  • Unconditional love (okay, that's probably more for the treats than for us)

It's almost an even trade - he just owes Llamaentity one froggy glove.

Badger waiting for his "birthday cake" (kibble, peanut butter, canned pumpkin, and a biscuit)

Badger actually pulled the biscuit out and took it to his dog bed to eat first

Badger's birthday present - a squeaky bone which hurt Llamaentity's ears and was taken away after half an hour

So happy 1st birthday, Badger! We can't wait until you're old and calm.

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  1. "Our ability to lead normal social lives" Hahaha. So true.

    Dog-friendly events, such as UMass Lowell's Pucks & Paws night - Lowell? I live near Lowell! I didn't realize you guys were so close!