Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The Mushroom that we have now is very different from the Mushroom we had as recently as a month ago. When she first arrived, she always looked worried and rarely smiled.

Also cross-eyed

 I thought she hated it here and wondered if maybe another home (specifically one without a pushy Badger) would be better for her. Much to my relief, after about 2 months, she seemed much happier.

However, she developed a rather confusing behavior. When I was petting her, she would roll over on her back, which is Badger's signature "I want a belly rub" pose.

Badger probably thinks we're his servants

When I proceeded to give Mushroom a belly rub, though, she would bite my hand gently. It was and remains the only time Mushroom has ever been mouthy (not counting when she's really fixated on a toy).

With some trial and error, I think I've figured out what she wants when she assumes the belly rub position. Mushroom wants a belly rub, but she also prefers for her "udders" to be left alone. Since she's small, and that doesn't leave much room for actual belly rubs, I usually end up just petting her side. But she seems happy, and I haven't been bitten in a while.

After careful deliberation, Mushroom decides she wants a belly rub

Did you adopt a female dog who's had a litter?
How do you navigate belly rubs without being udderly awkward?

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  1. The cross eyed picture is great! Not sure what to tell you about the belly rubs...