Friday, May 4, 2012

Mushroom's Favorite Color

When we first adopted started fostering Mushroom, we gave her Badger's old collar to wear.

Just like human siblings, the 2nd dog gets hand-me-downs

It was okay, but we thought she needed something of her own, so we ordered the "Shrooms" collar and matching leash from Sirius Republic. It just so happened to be green.

Quick! How many mushrooms are there in this picture?

And then a funny thing happened...

It was not easy getting Mushroom to pose with her toys

I actually don't know when we started consciously giving her green toys. And I don't really know whether green is her favorite color, though we could probably do a test similar to the treat preference test. But someone once told me that brown and green go well together, so for now I'm just happy that something around the apartment matches.

Does your dog have a favorite color?


  1. LOL! And your blog matches too! :) Zoe likes pink...(or wait, maybe I do).

    1. Blue is my favorite color, but green is my secret favorite color, so both are represented on the blog! (Yes, I have a secret favorite color... weird, I know.)

  2. Trinity has alot of different colors. Her original collar was blue and purple then i wanted her to wear green & pink and now her Sirius Republic collar & leash is purple leopard. Her sweatshirt is blue and she looks like a smurf in it! I just like all colors though. It doesn't stop people from calling her a 'boy' when she's wearing a bright pink harness.

    1. Trinity has quite the collar collection! I'm considering getting red/white/blue collars for Badger and Mushroom to wear in the summer.