Friday, May 18, 2012

Alternate Blog Names

This blog was originally meant to be a gaming blog, hence the title. And though I've had a bit more time to devote to gaming recently (currently plaing both Tera and Diablo 3), the main focus of my life and this blog are the dogs.

That said, we're probably not going to change our blog name, especially not to any of these silly names we came up with:

- Pitties Pitties in the Pitties - This one is sort of an inside joke. Llamaentity has trouble remembering the names of all the blogs I follow and just refers to them collectively as "Pitties Pitties in the Pitties".
- Powder Puff Pittie - Badger has some features of pitbull-type dogs, but one of the ways he isn't like a pitbull is that he has a medium-length coat. Hence, the powder puff pittie.
- Two Blubbers in the Suburbs - A play on Two Pitties in the City, the blog that introduced me to the world of dog blogging.



  1. Yay! I finally found you! Not like you were hard to find... I guess I should say I finall had the time to click on your name :-) I like Pitties Pitties in the Pitties! hehe

  2. That's funny I like the final one! Zach doesn't know what the names are he just sees the titles then smashes them all together like 'two pitties with the kitty in the city with a grad student' something like that. haha!

  3. We also like the Pitties Pitties in the Pitties, it just sums up all the blog names so well. Regardless, we look forward to reading the new name.

    1. We're not really going to change the name because, as you can see, we haven't come up with anything good yet!