Monday, October 6, 2014

Yours and mine

Badger has a bad track record with soft toys. Just last month, L found a stash of soft toys in the closet and thought, "We should slowly reintroduce these to the dogs. They might be better now that they're older." A couple minutes later, Badger had de-stuffed one of his sharks, and the toys were back in the closet. So much for that idea.

We also have some soft toys that we never ended up giving to the dogs. We'd buy them on a whim or receive them in a BarkBox package, realize that Badger would eat them almost instantly, and put them into protective custody in our bedroom. Now that the dogs sleep in our bedroom, we were a little concerned that they would get into our stash of "not-for-the-dogs" toys (and our piles of laundry)...

Like a dragon on a hoard of gold

Luckily, Badger and Mushroom don't even seem to realize that the toys and clothes are for anything other than comfy bedding. In fact, we got a new Molly Mutt stuff sack and constructed a bed for Badger, only to have him pass that up to sleep on a pile of clothes and toys.

"OMG! Mushroom stole my bed!" - Badger

The dogs seem to innately know the difference between their toys and not-their-toys. I'm not sure how or why... Any guesses?


  1. Good question! Stuffed toys don't last in our house either thank to Kaya. Norman is pretty gentle with toys. So Kaya will take his & rip them up too:/ But ya...they've never touched a pillow or a cat toy. Go figure...

    1. To touch a cat toy... that would be like admitting they are cats! Unthinkable!