Friday, October 10, 2014

Something's missing!

You may have noticed something missing from my last couple of posts. Look closely...

I'll give you two more hints:

What could it be?

Do you see it yet?
If you guessed that the Badgershrooms are missing their collars, you're right! When the dogs first started sleeping in our bedroom, the night was filled with the jingling of collars. Now, all is quiet, with the exception of Mushroom barking in her sleep, Badger licking his paw, and Mushroom licking everything. So not really quiet, but quieter.

A typical night's noises: slurp... slurp... flapflapflap (a dog's ears while shaking)... flapflapflap... myoof myoof (Mushroom's sleep barking)... sniff sniff SNIFFFFF (Badger's loud sniffing)... dig dig dig (burrowing into a dog bed)... slurp... slurp... pant pant... thumpthumpthump (tail)... flapflapflap

For two dogs who don't bark very often, Badger and Mushroom are still surprisingly loud. But no jingling, which is a vast improvement. The only thing is, now we frequently forget to put their collars back on (since their leashes are attached to Gentle Leader head collars), which is what happened in Wednesday's post.

Do you have "loud" dogs?


  1. Haha, your descriptions sound surprisingly familiar! Kaya & Norman make all those sounds too though luckily not at night, they're pretty sound sleepers.

    Zoey is another story. She snores when she sleeps, barks often when she's outside and wears a collar with tags all the time! I forget how nice it is to have non-barkers until she comes around. Kaya & Norman never wear collars at home but Zoey is my parents' dog so it's not up to me:)

    PS: Your dogs look good "naked" ;)

  2. For safety reasons (and because I don't like to hear the jingling of tags) we don't keep collars on our dogs except when they leave the house. We once had two of our dogs get tangled up because of collars and one almost choked to death. Luckily we were there to unhook them. Our two wrestle often enough that I won't have them wearing collars most of the time.