Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The First Rule of Badgershrooms

Since we stayed home for the holidays, we decided to spend the time working on getting Badger and Mushroom to coexist peacefully. L and I finally agreed upon the first rule of Badgershrooms: Don't let them get excited in the first place. It's not as easy as it sounds. Here are some changes we made:

  • Badger and Mushroom always get excited when we come home from a walk, so instead of letting them loose in the apartment, we crate them and wait for them to calm down.
  • Another difficult time is when they are released from their crates. We prepare to use body blocks or long stays if they start getting excited.
  • They also get excited if we get up and leave the room, because they want to run and follow us. We try to have one person stay in the room with the dogs.
  • Finally, if they are so excited that we cannot calm them down either verbally or with body blocks, they get a short time out in their crates.

So how did that work out for us?

Mushroom snoozes while Badger chews an antler

Badger snoozes while Mushroom uses him as a pillow

Do your dogs get overly excited? How do you calm them down?


  1. Love the pics! I was a little worried with the parallel to "the first rule of fight club is...". Whew! Your plan sounds like it's working well.

    Maggie and Duke wrestle a little in the house. They bodyslam each other across the yard while Maggie bear growls at Duke, which sounds terrible but doesn't mean anything. If they get really tangled in the long leashes I clap and yell "STOP", which works for some reason.

  2. That's awesome that there sleeping together. Very two Pitties! My solution for calming my dogs down it to sigh and say "what's your problem?" mostly to trinity then "calm yourself" she looks at me then goes right back to being excited (when were at home). If we're outside I say that stuff to her but walk her around wich I'm sure is the better option than speaking in sentences to her. But it does distract her, sometimes. Don't take my advice yours is a much better solution :) keep up the good work!