Monday, January 14, 2013

Supporting the Team(s)

I insisted that we watch the Texans vs. Patriots game yesterday, even though I was conflicted. You see, I was born and raised in Houston, but I've spent the better part of the last decade in the Boston area.

To make things less weird when two of "our" teams are playing each other (or perhaps more weird, depending on how you see it), we assign one dog to support each team. Then, we project our thoughts onto the dogs. "Badger's pretty happy about that touchdown." We celebrate with the dog who supported the winning team, and we console the dog whose team lost. (They consist of the same thing - belly rubs and ear scratches.) So who was the winner last night?

Hey Badger, TV's the other way

I knew they'd pull it off

Do you have any sports rituals that involve your dog?


  1. So cute! Our pups like to hang out and watch football with E (or at least because he's sitting on the pillow that Miss M likes). Mr. B has a Bears jersey--that matches E's jersey--that he wears on game days.

  2. Hank is into football and baseball, he actually watches the TV, and he's a huge Colts fan. However, we went to the bar to watch the Broncos (or just Peyton Manning) and Hank was very upset when we had to report the news to him that they lost...I allowed him to sleep in bed with me so I could comfort him.

  3. Ray wears his Raven's collar on game days and gets an extra large bully stick. :-)