Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Recap: Beyond the Myth and Camera Misadventures

On Friday night, we watched Beyond the Myth the way it's intended to be viewed -- with a pit bull-type dog cuddled up next to you.

The Mush-dog, with flash

We actually watch a lot of documentaries, so I feel confident in saying that Beyond the Myth was excellent. It was able to present a lot of information about different people and locales without being confusing. I can't speak to how much the documentary would have changed someone's mind, because I've already done plenty of my own research. (Does cuddling count as research?)

There was a screen that showed the states that had laws prohibiting the banning of any particular breed, and I'm proud to say that, even though we didn't make it in time to be included in the documentary, Massachusetts' breed-neutral dog law took effect on Friday as well! This means that bans on pit bull-type dogs in cities such as Boston have been overturned. I'd do a celebration dog walk in my nearest overturned-BSL city if it weren't so darned cold.

On Sunday, we purchased a brand-new Canon PowerShot SX160 in the hopes that it would allow us to take better pictures of the dogs in our apartment. Photographing our dogs is a nightmare in so many ways: our apartment is dimly lit, the dogs move around, their eyes glow if we use flash, and Badger has black fur. As it turns out, we learned that a point-and-shoot is just not going to cut it for our purposes. The following pictures of Badger were taken with the Canon PowerShot SX160. When compared with the above picture of Mushroom, taken with a cell phone camera, they're pretty much the same.

Badger profile, with flash

Our no-flash pictures didn't fare so well

Not even in the most well-lit room of our apartment, the bathroom

So what's next? The folks at Pitlandia recently purchased a DSLR camera, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. We've also heard the same camera recommendation from one of our friends, who also suggested a studio light.. (Surprisingly, it's not that expensive -- cheaper than getting 5 new lamps or 2 new dogs that stay absolutely still.)

If we're making the leap to DSLR, what should be our starter camera?
Also, any tips regarding the low light situation?


  1. With out Canon PowerShot that we used before getting the DSLR this weekend we always had trouble taking pictures of Athena indoors unless she was in the living room near the front window during day time hours. Otherwise, if I turned off the flash the pictures would always be blurry and if I turned on the flash the colors would be a bit too bright and then Athena would have green alien eyes. I also found that although the power shot was super fast when we first got it, it got reaaaaaallllyyyy slow after a couple of years. It would take me FOREVER to get a picture!

    Thanks for mentioning our post about our new camera! We really are loving it and i can't wait to share some more pictures on the blog/Facebook that I recently took with it. Even though I'm not a professional by any means, the pictures are such an improvement from our old point and shoot.

    I like the Canon Rebel T3i because it's a very popular camera, which means there are a ton of tutorials on it online. I have never owner or operated a DSLR before and I'm finding the Canon to be very user friendly!

    I can't wait to hear what camera you end up getting!

    p.s.- As far as lighting-- the DSLR hasn't fixed our lighting problem inside the house during dimly lit hours. However, we got the 50mm lens which does allow a lot more light than the standard kit lens that the camera comes with. So, I've been using that lens indoors for extra light. Also, I have found quite a few "cheats" on how to use the flash on the DSLR without getting the alien eyes.

  2. I watched Beyond the Myth too. None of the information was really new to me but it did make an impact. I am not sure why but I thought it would be more of a balance between info on BSL and pit bulls out in the community making a difference, but it ended up being more factual I thought. I hope people see it who are not just pit bull lovers already. I would move in a heartbeat if there was a breed ban in my city!

    Good luck with the camera!

  3. I also watched Beyond the Myth. It was very good and made me glad that Mass implimented the new law. (YAY mass!) I cant give you any tips on cameras. I have a DSLR samsung which i like but then again i don't know how the others work. My only suggestion is to buy a alernate lens with it the one it comes with stinks. Good luck with your search & whatever you pick will let us see more adorable pictures of your dogs so win for all of us to.
    By the way i have the same fish rug in my bathroom, yay Target!

  4. I have the same camera as Pitlandia and I love it, wish I had a few more lens but I have the same problem no matter where I go in my house the lighting sucks as well. However, I do want to make a home studio in my office so I might look into some studio lighting.