Friday, November 2, 2012

I Can't Has Cheezburger

Last week in Badger's training class, we worked on "leave it" using cheeseburgers. Badger was a tricky little guy, lulling us into a false sense of security before he would lunge at the burger. One time, he even managed to grab it with his paw, but L pulled him away before he ate any. Then, the trainer had us walk the cheeseburger gauntlet.

I can has?

Nope, guess not

I also caught some pictures of the windows decorated for Pit Bull Awareness Day.

The brown dog on the left looked a little like Mushroom

That's Lilly the Hero Pitbull in the middle!
Badger actually licked one of my nachos last night, so I guess we have a lot more work to do on "leave it". How does your dog do when faced with delicious temptation?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! This made me bust up laughing! Practicing "leave it" with cheeseburgers?! Way to go all out!

    We have only ever practiced "leave it" with Athena's kibble and dog treats...but maybe we need to bump up the temptation because she's always trying to get stuff from our plates!

  2. A Cheezburger...OMG that sounds hard to avoid! Strangely, I can leave a plate of food on my bed or anywhere and my dogs won't touch it(the cat is another story), but if we're on a hike a there's a fresh pile of horse poop, now that's tempting!

    I love the pit bull window art!

  3. A cheeseburger is pretty hard to resist - I can't blame him for going for it!

    I used to think that Turk had "leave it" down until he devoured my chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake the other day when my back was turned. So now we're back to practicing "leave it" on a more regular basis! :)