Monday, September 24, 2012

Recap: Family Time

Oh no! I blinked, and I ended up not posting for two whole weeks! So what have we been up to, other than being really lazy?

My parents and sister came up to visit, and we all went to the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival. We had a lot of seafood (and one really badly-made lemonade) and watched a parachuting show.

The US flag is attached to the parachuter. There was also a parachuter dressed as a lobster.

Even though there were signs at the entrance saying that dogs were not allowed, we saw quite a few non-law-abiding canines, including a boxer, a golden retriever, and these three small dogs. (Note: I'm guessing service dogs were allowed, but none of the dogs I saw were wearing service dog vests.)

*yawn* It's tiring being an outlaw. Might postpone that bank robbery til tomorrow.

Pug: Hey Scruffy, keep an eye out for the fuzz, will ya?

Also, the fact that my family needed a place to stay while visiting finally prompted us to clean out the spare room (after a year and a half of living on our apartment). We threw out about half the boxes we had in there and moved the rest downstairs to the garage. What we ended up with was a computer room / exercise room. After my family left, we also moved the dog crates into the spare room to clear up some space in the joined dining/living room.

This is where we spent our entire Saturday.

Morning. Note the lack of the adjective "good".

Where's my breakfast, human?

If your dog has a crate, where do you keep it and why?


  1. Well, our apartment is tiny, so we don't have much of a choice but to keep it in the main room. We also like to have it there because it's right by the window and she can perch on top of it (with the help of the little "support" that K. made her). :) Good to hear from you guys!

  2. LOL, your spare room looks like our spare room:)

    We only have one crate set up in our house and it is set up in our basement. I keep it down there because it is very big and the basement is the coolest place in the house for Leroy.