Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Terrible Tuesday

UPDATE: The vet thinks Badger is getting over whatever he had. We've been given some prescription food that's a little easier to digest than regular food. Badger loved it!

Just a warning, this post is a total downer.

I hope I'm overreacting. Badger threw up on Sunday and has been eating very little since then. We've scheduled a vet appointment for tonight. I'm crossing my fingers that they'll say there's nothing wrong, and he's just being a picky eater.

I just wish I could ask him what's wrong

He's still eating treats and the pumpkin topping on his food. He'll even eat his kibble if we're doing a training session. He just won't eat it in his bowl or food toys. His poop has also been normal, though less frequent because he's eating much less.

The reason I'm fearing the worst is because my family's dog Betsy stopped eating and died of organ failure less than a year ago. I really hope Badger is okay.

Betsy: 2001-2011


  1. Oh no! I hope Badger is okay! Paws crossed!

  2. Oh poor guy! I hope he gets better soon! Well be thinking of him.

  3. Glad to see the update on Badger! I don't want to say hopefully he's just a picky eater, because Maggie is a picky eater & has allergies, which are a complete PITA. Good luck!

    So sorry for the loss of Betsy, she looks super sweet.