Monday, April 9, 2012

A Failure and a Success

I went to Petsmart this morning to pick up some Easter toys on clearance. And by "some", I mean 10. The cashier asked me how many dogs I had, and I said 2. Then she asked me what breed they were, and I said...

Mutts. *womp womp* I told myself that the next time someone asked what my dogs were, I would say pitbull mixes.

These toys will last Mushroom several months or Badger several minutes

As luck would have it, I got another chance during my Toastmasters meeting. I was talking about how Badger doesn't mind getting his nails clipped, but Mushroom hates it, and someone asked what kind of dogs they are. I said they were pitbull mixes, and she followed up by asking, "What made you decide to get that type of dog?" It wasn't accusatory, just curious. So I explained how we were told that Badger was a Cocker Spaniel/Border Collie mix, but he grew into something resembling a pitbull mix. And how he was such a wonderful dog that, for our second dog, we specifically looked for a pitbull type dog.

Hey look, I downloaded Instagram

Too bad I can't download better photography skills

And then... nothing. No arguments, no fear-mongering, no yelling. The conversation segued to another person talking about his sons. It was as if I'd just talked about my goldfish. I was quite relieved. Hopefully revealing that my dogs are pitbull mixes will always be this easy.


  1. It may open you up to meeting others who love pits also! I've never had anyone except my mom really "reprimand" me for owning a pit bull. And once she met Schultz he changed her mind. She still doesn't like pits as a whole, but she likes mine so that's something. I do hear lots of horror stories, usually passed on from the news, about them eating babies and what not, but I try to just explain that something like that is an isolated case, with media drama, and it's not the norm. But it gets annoying....

    1. Luckily, my mom doesn't believe the media horror stories about pitbulls. She just thinks they look like pigs and prefers the "Labrador look". (No clue what that is, as I think pits and labs are pretty similar-looking.)