Sunday, April 15, 2012


Don't worry, we're not looking for a new home for Badger. He's here to stay. Taking inspiration from In Black and White's Adopt-a-Bill series, I'm going to highlight a few dogs that remind me of Badger, both in looks and in personality.

For reference, this is Badger. He is not available for adoption

1. Bob
Photo credit: Saving Pets' Lives

Bob was pulled from the South Houston Animal Shelter by Saving Pets' Lives. He is about 33 lbs and neutered. They describe him as sweet, happy, and not hyper. He shows no interest in other dogs and does well with leash walks, baths, and car rides. He has a short-term foster but needs a long-term foster and/or a forever home.

2. Sage
Photo credit: Puyallup Animal Rescue

Sage is a 5-year-old spayed female pitbull at Puyallup Animal Rescue in Pierce County, WA. She enjoys cuddling and playing fetch. Based on her pictures, she is also always smiling!

3. Philip
Photo credit: ALIVE Rescue

Philip is a 2-year-old, 60-lb pit/lab mix at ALIVE rescue in Chicago. He is neutered, housebroken, and crate-trained. Embarrassingly, he knows more commands than Badger does and also walks well on a leash. He is looking for a home without cats.

4. Cooper
Photo credit: A Heartbeat at My Feet

Cooper is being fostered by the awesome folks at A Heartbeat at My Feet. Although he's not the same color as Badger, they are so similar in every other way that it makes me wonder if they might be siblings. Here are the ways in which they are similar:
  • They both weigh about 45 lbs
  • They are both vaguely pittie-looking, with large heads
  • They are both from Tennessee
  • They are both about a year old
  • They both love everything
  • They both smile a lot

I know most of you already have a dog (or several dogs), but if you've fallen in love with Badger, please don't steal him from us. Adopt one of these dogs instead!

P.S. I've been writing and publishing my posts at night before going to bed. I've noticed that the majority of the blogs I follow publish new posts in the morning. Does anyone have a preference when my posts are published?


  1. Aw, Rufus has that same bed! Just found your blog, and read all of your entries last night :) Badger and Mushroom seem like super cool dogs, and I love the names!

    1. Thanks for reading! Your blog will keep me entertained at work for the next couple of days at least.