Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Great Blizzard of 2013

This week we're catching up on all the posts we didn't do over the winter!

The great blizzard of 2013 had Massachusetts under a state of emergency. The governor passed a law making it illegal for anyone (other than cops, ambulances, etc) to be driving during the blizzard. So for 3 days, everyone was basically under house arrest. A few of my northern-bred friends were disappointed that there wasn't MORE snow, but there was more than enough to make us very thankful for our garage parking.

We got more than a laying-down dog worth of snow!

Badger loves snow, so we expected him to have a blast. True to form, he romped around, jumping in every snowbank, until his paws froze and we were able to convince him to come back inside.

Can I stay out and play some more?

Mushroom was ready to go inside the second she stepped out the door.

Stop taking pictures and open the door already!

Did you enjoy the long, snowy winter like Badger, or are you more than ready for spring like Mushroom?


  1. If I didn't force Ray to come inside he would stay out and play in the snow until his appendages fell off. :-)
    I don't even like to look at snow from inside the house. Brrrr!

  2. haha My boy Titan loves to play in the snow!

  3. Lilee likes to do zoomies if her jacket is on, otherwise she doesn't last long. But when the snowbanks get less fluffy and can hold her weight up, Lilee likes to stand on them.

    1. Mushroom tried to climb a 7 ft tall snowbank. I thought it was cute, but L made her come down.