Thursday, June 14, 2012

Keeping Cool: Crates

This week I'm writing about some of the things we've done to keep our dogs cool. If you missed it, check out Tuesday's post about ice cubes. If you have any additional ideas, please share in the comments!

Badger can be stubborn about going into his crate, especially for bedtime. Sometimes he waits until we show him that we have a treat. So imagine our surprise when one day, he decided to hang out in his open crate!

It's actually been happening more and more. After a rowdy play session, Mushroom will lie down under the table like a piggy. About half the time, Badger lies down next to her (but not touching). The other half of the time, he heads for a crate. He even took a little nap in Mushroom's open crate last weekend.

We think the reason behind his newfound love for crates is the temperature. Our apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting, except for the kitchen (where the dogs are not allowed) and the bathrooms (where the dogs will go only if we're in there). Badger and Mushroom's crates are plastic airline crates with no pillows or blankets. It's probably cooler to lie down in a crate than it is to lie down on the carpet.

Coolest room in the apartment

I've read a lot about people who have wood floors getting rugs to give dogs a comfortable place to lie down. Is there anyone who has carpeted floors who has a cool patch of ground for their dogs?


  1. Yeah, our pooches would rather lay on the hardwood in the summer. Though I wonder how a yoga mat would work? Miss M LOVES laying on yoga mats.

  2. They just both plop down on the carpet that is right in front of the window unit :)