Thursday, August 25, 2011


Llamaentity: What would you like the objective of this blog to be?
Rebelwerewolf: Just because of the things we're interested in, I think it will skew toward race, gender, and video games.
L: I'm sure if I think of blogging as a game, I'll be much more likely to post.
R: Oh hey, you're going to be abbreviated as 'L', and I'm going to be abbreviated as 'R', and you're left-handed, and I'm right-handed.
L: I know, I was already trying to think of a joke about how you're always going to be 'right' if we have an argument. But of course, not actually 'right' :P
R: Hey! If you're going to type on a post made under my name, at least use punctuation.
L: Emotifaces count as punctuation in my own customized system of grammar.
R: Grammar shmammar.
L: That was pretty clever :O
R: Lol. Stop editing my typing. I was trying to convey sarcasm.
L: But behind these words (shrouds), I may hide my true intentions... dun dun dunnn!
R: So I guess I'll blog about race, gender, and politics, and you'll blog about video games?
L: That about covers my area of interest, so... yep T.T And what, may I ask, is the reason for displaying this for all to see (and by all, I mean no more than a few individuals, if that)? :P
R: *deletes the blog*
L: I'm sure you have a reason. Even though you created it, I have reasons of my own as to why I would like to document my thoughts on various matters.
R: I like our discussions, and I think other people could benefit from seeing them. But that sounds a little conceited.
L: Not necessarily conceited. There's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to share your ideas... in fact, it's probably a generally good thing to want to do so. My reasons are probably much more selfish. I'd mostly like to work on my writing, as it's something I've scarcely done in years and, like unused muscles my ability to write coherently and concisely has atrophied.
R: I'm going to go get some water. Type away.
L: As already evidenced, my sentences tend to be borderline babble and/or word vomit. :'c Looks like you've chosen to sleep, so... night, folks :O Stay tuned for some actual opinionated blogposts... soon™.

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  1. Oh, another reason for this blog... The hope that one day we'll get cross-posted to The Border House, or maybe even Racialicious!