Thursday, November 22, 2012

What we're thankful for

I feel like I'm always complaining about our dogs. But in reality, we consider ourselves very fortunate to have Badger and Mushroom. Part of it is just sentimentality, but part of it is because they're actually quite awesome!

Here's a list of what we're thankful for:

  • They loooove people
  • They don't chew the apartment, the furniture, or electronics cords
  • They were very quick to potty train and now rarely have accidents
  • They trust us
  • Badger is very good in new situations
  • Mushroom's reactivity has improved a lot
  • They're fun to hang out with
  • They're cuddly
  • They're fuzzy

Mushroom is thankful for noms

Badger is not thankful - he demands more belly rubs

Why are you thankful for your pets?


  1. Those are some great things to be thankful for =) I am thankful for how sweet Athena is and for how much she loves to cuddle! I'm also thankful that she's such a quick learner because it has helped us to train her into a well mannered dog (which she was not 4 months ago!).

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

  2. I know we always get hung up on what is wrong and what we want to change, that this is a good point to remember what we do love about our pups. Even Miss M with her eternally grumpy face.
    PS. New camera photos look great!