Monday, July 2, 2012

Lessons Learned From Play Group

Last week we posted about Badger and Mushroom attending a play group for medium / large dogs. We learned a lot about our dogs and their personalities, such as:

  • Badger prefers toys over other dogs. The entire time we were in the indoor area, he stayed in a little corner playing with "his" toys (actually the daycare's toys) and ignoring the other dogs.
  • Mushroom, on the other hand, is a social butterfly. She was very good with the other dogs, sniffing them politely and not getting in their faces.
  • Badger has learned a wicked good "drop it" command. At one point, Badger and the scruffy brown/white dog (who I believe was named Zoe) were tugging at the same toy and growling. Zoe's person came over and said "drop it" (directed at Zoe), but guess who listened?
  • Mushroom was pulling on her leash as we went in, but before we left, the staff at the doggy daycare had everyone leash up their dogs, and Mushroom didn't pull at all. Maybe she was tired, or maybe she figured these dogs weren't a big deal anymore.
  • Given the choice, neither Badger or Mushroom will jump in a kiddie pool. Since we hadn't brought towels with us, this was actually a relief.

The main thing we will be working on before going back to play group this month (we are invited back, right?) is a solid recall. And for that, we have a big pack of hot dogs.

The crowd at the bar

Tiny Badger next to the enormous mastiff

Badger stands watch over Mushroom. They are siblings, after all

A spot of light gives Badger a Rottweiler makeover

Is your dog a social butterfly like Mushroom or the awkward kid in the corner by himself like Badger?


  1. Tess is definitely happiest in the corner at the dog park, hoarding her tennis balls. She'd prefer it if she didn't have to share the park with any other dogs at all. Schultz isn't so much a social butterfly as the doggie equivalent of a people watcher. He loves to go sit off to the side and observe everyone.

    1. We had a couple of those "dog watcher" dogs at our play group too.

  2. Trinity is the biggest sociall butterfly you will ever meet. She loves playing over anything else. You shouldn't be to worried about the dog park that much. You just need to know which ones are good or not so good by word of mouth. We go to the Frankiln dog park and have never had a problem before. We heard Sharon is good to. I don't know if you guys are close enough to go to those ones. The play group looks awesome. Where is it at? We're always looking for new places to make friends!

    1. Here's the link to the Meetup page: